4 Cinderella Peels Package

4 Cinderella Peels Package


Special: 4 Cinderella Peels with Full Sized Moisturizing Face Cream and Facial Smoothing Fluid


This is a laser light peel using the laser selectivity on superficial skin layer to remove skin blemishes, superficial scar as well as enlarged pores. Can be done on ANY area of the body for skin laxity. Best results are Peels done one week apart.

- NO Downtime
- Safe to do any time of year
- Can be added to Microneedling and Vivace Treatments

Cinderella Peel is a milder form of laser treatment which aim at giving the skin smooth, brighten look. It will exfoliate the old, damaged outer layer of dead skin, revealing a new skin with improved tone and smoother texture. It is an effective treatment for enlarges pores, superficial scars, facial blemishes, wrinkles, and uneven skin pigmentation. If your skin is aging rapidly, then it can also help to make your face appear younger by giving it a smoother and fresher appearance. Most patients compare it to microdermabrasion at 2-4 times the strength and intensity.