LipoGLOW 21 Day Detox Bundle

LipoGLOW 21 Day Detox Bundle

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Special: BioSlim Wrap and Go Treatment, LipoGlow Detox Kit, and Slim Trim Vitamin Patches for an incredible deal of $200!

LipoGlow Detox Detoxification Program

Are you tired of trying to lose weight with no success?

Do you have any of the following symptoms?

  • Excess body fat
  • Mood swings
  • Sleeping Difficulties
  • Protruding abdomen
  • Irritable bowel
  • Food cravings

If you have 4 or more of these then you may have congested liver and need a 21 day detox to shed fat while sparing lean muscle.

Let Southeast Med-Spa help you detox and lose weight with our simple to follow LipoGlow programs. The detox and weight loss programs are convenient and easy to follow in a simple kit with full directions and professional support along your journey. Not sure what is the BEST program for you to proceed? That’s what our FREE consultations are intended to do.

Stop struggling and start to:

  • Lose Weight
  • Break Addictions
  • Improve Sleep
  • Improve Digestion
  • Gain Energy
  • Clear Skin and Eyes
  • End Cravings
  • Get Glowing and choose the program that is best for you.

Detox With LipoGlow

Our 21 day LipoGlow Detox kit is a science based nutritional program designed to support safe and effective detoxification. Each LipoGlow Kit includes a drink mix protein powder that contains a comprehensive combination of nutrients, antioxidants, herbs, fiber, fruit and vegetable extracts that support overall metabolic detoxification process. The LipoGlow food powder features 17 grams of non-GMO pea protein, is dairy, gluten and lactose free. The LipoGlow kit also includes capsule packets containing Eliminate-Tox and H-Zyme.

Eliminate-Tox was designed by clinicians to provide nutritional support for liver detoxification by helping conjugate toxins and prepare them for safe elimination from the body.

H-Zyme is a supplement to aid in hydrolysis (break-down) of protein to maximize the benefits and minimize potential problems with taking any protein supplements. (Except for a rice protein)

Why Do You Need A Detox Program?

All of us live in an ever-increasing toxic environment. Toxins including pesticides, herbicides, chemical solvents, xenobiotics (foreign substance) an industrial chemicals of all types that come through our food, water, and air supply. This increased toxic load puts a tremendous burden on the liver to detoxify. Over time this leads to fatigue, lethargy, weight gain, headaches, multiple chemical sensitivities, skin disorders, chronic fatigue, neuromuscular problems and more.

Includes 42 Drink Mix Packets + 42 Capsule Packets